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Стокгольм.Дворцовый спуск (Слоттсбакен)

Stockholm - well known and absolutely unfamiliar…

Stockholm is considered to be one of the most beautiful capitals of the world. You will be able to be convinced of it personally, having visited the main areas of the city center, having passed on embankments and city bridges, and also having seen the city from above - from the cool rocky coast over the sea gulf. You will see the mansion presented by an imperial family of Romanov in connection with wedding of the princess Maria Pavlovna with the Swedish prince Wilhelm, and also get know about the exotic way of arrival to the ministry of foreign affairs of newly appointed ambassadors and … why it was decided to refuse it, you will learn about habits and merits of the first representative of nowadays a ruling dynasty - Jean Baptist Bernadotte and how the Frenchman became the Swedish king, not to mention the fact that his wife was … Napoleon's former bride! We will glance in cafe where Stig Larson - the author of the well-known trilogy "Millennium" used to sit, and they say that it is there it came to his mind to write this novel …

We shall walk around the Old city where we still feel the spirit of the Middle Ages, we will enter St. Nikolay's Church and we will see how Stockholm at the beginning of 17 century looked like, and also we will learn why many houses in the Old city are executed in the German-Dutch style. You will see the first-ever building of the state bank, and also the most ancient restaurant of Stockholm where representatives of literary and art elite of Sweden since the beginning 18 century frequented.

We will see the Royal palace where the Swedish king still works and heads of the foreign states are accepted. We will also see one of the oldest in the world guard of honor, which protects the palace and the king since 1523! You will get know, why the palace in Stockholm is the biggest operating palace in Europe and why it took nearly 60 years to build it!

Duration: 3-4 hours, including coffee break.

Ратуша.Золотой зал

The Stockholm City hall - a mirror of the Swedish history, culture and art.

The Stockholm City hall is well-known around the world, first of all due to the fact that here, in Blue and Gold halls, the banquet and a ball in honor of the Nobel winners annually is arranged. But guests of Stockholm attracts here by the the building, executed by the best artists and designers of Sweden. The building built in the 20th of the 20th century, became an architectural symbol of Stockholm.

You learn such curious details as, what role the wife of the architect played in the design of the City hall, why a hall in warm red and brick colors is named Blue, how many gold used in the construction of the Gold hall. We will exchange opinions concerning what columns express female essence and what - male's in Gallery of the Prince, and, at last, I will tell you how much time the wedding ceremony takes in the Stockholm City hall... under the short version... and the long one...

Duration: 2 hours.

Парк Миллеса. Сусанна

Park-museum of sculptures Millesgorden - music in a sculpture

The unique park of sculptures created by the outstanding Swedish sculptor of the first half of the XX century by Karl by Milles and his wife Olga. Nearly 50 years were devoted to creation of this magnificent collection of works of many types of the arts, effectively entered in a natural Scandinavian landscape.

At the heart of the collection - one hundred sculptural works of Karl of Milles, Olga's painting Milles, and also the excellent collections of ancient, drevnevostochny and West European art collected by the sculptor. The park is especially beautiful in the summer when it all is buried in flowers, framed with magnificent greens of trees and transparent streams of fountains.

You will learn about private life of the artist full by events, about friends whom they got traveling over the countries, you will see his wonderful works and copies of the works placed in Europe and the USA. He created the world - fine, surprising, unique, and I want to acquaint you with it …

Duration: 1-2 hours.

Опера.Золотое фойе

The Stockholm Opera - both the drama, and the tragedy …

Being in Stockholm, undoubtedly, it is worth making excursion in the Royal opera theater which isn't conceding on luxury and richness of finishing to palaces of the Swedish kings. Many drama events are connected with the Royal Opera: from the Stockholm "Khodynka" and foul murder of the king Gustav III to romantic love of the Swedish opera actress and the Russian prince …

You will see the magnificent opera hall for 1100 visitors, ornated by graceful sculpture of the 19th century, the Gold foyer striking with gloss of crystal and gold, inaccessible to ordinary visitors the secluded royal foyer and a royal box, and also you will visit offstage where you will see preparations for the next performances. During the whole hour you will be the only visitors of the Opera, and this hour, undoubtedly, will be well remembered.

Excursion can be finished at very known restaurant "Operakallaren", the chef and co-owner of it, Stephano Katenachi, was responsible for the wedding dinner of the princess Victoria and also the junior princess Madeleine.

Duration: 1-3 hours.


Н.Дардель. Игра в кегли

The Hallwyl Palace

The museum The Hallwyl Palace - almost the only private palace available to visit in Stockholm - the palace of the beginning of the 20th century with expensive ancient rich collections of works of different types of art.

The palace was built in 1893-1898 by the architect Isak Klason for the count and contess von Halwill and it is considered the most outstanding work of the architect. In architectural concept of the building influence both Venetian, and the Spanish architecture of the period of a gothic style and the Renaissance is traced. But the main advantage of the palace is its magnificent decorating and internal furniture. It is a remarkable example of that of the best that the Swedish masters at a turn of 19-20 centuries created.

Each hall and each room of the palace is trimmed and furnished in the original style which purity is tremblingly observed. Each detail is picked carefully up and thought over - there is nothing casual. Collections of the Dutch and Flemish painting 16-17 century, collections of the European porcelain (all the leading facturies of the 18 centuries are presented here! ) and the Chinese ceramics, the large collection of products from silver and bronze, a collection of the European and east weapon - all this is of huge art value.

You also get know, what other museum of Stockholm is obliged by the origin to this family...

Duration: 1-2 hours.

Замок Грипсхольм

The Grippsholm palace - one of residences of the king Gustav Wasa

The history of the palace ascends by 1380th years when the court adviser Bu Grip on the hill on the bank of the lake of Melaren put the fortress called his name. The present building of the palace was built at the end of the 1530th by Gustav Wasa who is considered the founder of the independent Swedish state, and then was many times reconstructed and completed, first of all by Gustav the 3rd in the second half of the 18th century. In the same time the foundation of the portrait gallery which now includes more than 5000 names was laid. Perfectly preserved design belonging to various eras - from an office of the Duke Karl in the style of the Renaissance to theater in gustaviansk style, and also interiors of the middle of the 19th century remained.

You will get know why towers of the palace are asymmetric and why walls have different thickness. You will see rooms of the 16th century with the remained original interiors. I will tell you why the Polish king Sigismund was born in this palace. You will visit one of the most well preserved european theaters of the XVIII century! And, at last, you will see the palace in which the king Gustav IV Adolphus signed renunciation of a throne … The walls of this palace remember many stories …

Duration including transfers: 3 hours.

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