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My name is Natalya Shanina. I worked in the tourism in different countries: Russia, Japan, Sweden, being engaged in the organizing of VIP-tours and trips on the congresses. I speak Russian, Swedish, English, Spanish and I can speak Japanese a little bit. Within my profession I had to travel observing much, analyzing and comparing. History, architecture, art, people - very similar and at the same time very different! I want to share my experience and I am sure that it will be interesting to you!

I am a philologist, graduated from the university in Russia. I live in Stockholm more than 20 years. In Sweden I studied a course of history of world economy, and also a course of economic, political and social history of Sweden at university of Stockholm. I am interested in history, architecture, art and I can tell a lot about it.



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Наталья Шанина
Russian guide in Stockholm.

Stockholm, Sweden
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