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Stockholm... A beautiful city on islands! Stockholm is so beautiful that there is no need to represent it. But, if you have arrived to Stockholm and want to learn more: history, cultural traditions, architectural features, events and the names which have included Sweden in the world history, and if you are simply curious about who they are, Swedes, you need a professional guide.

I live in Stockholm more than 20 years. I have the higher philological education. At the Stockholm university I studied cultural, social and political history of Sweden. Besides that I am interested in architecture and art. The history of Russia and Sweden is intertwined very much, and I am ready to tell you about it ...

I am an authorised guide and a member of FSGA - Association of the licensed guides of Stockholm.





Natalie Chanina
Russian guide in Stockholm

Stockholm, Sweden
Tel: +46 70 4246307
Viber, WhatsUpp:+46 70 4246307
E-mail: natalie@scantrotter.com



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